mardi 2 février 2016

Quality Education in Nepal Primary Schools-“NSA open materials”

Nepal Schools Aid(uk) is pleased to announce the release of our materials and courses for primary teachers as developed in Nepal by UK and Nepali education experts. We are delivering them as online learning courses.
They can be used anywhere in the world for FREE! All you have to do is to register for the modules in sequence and study in your own time to develop your education skills. All of the modules are suitable for teachers, school principals, staff of NGOs, or even for trained teachers about to volunteer to help a developing country.
More Modules are being added each week so don’t delay in registering for the early Units which act as a gateway into more advanced topics.
We have written many times about this subject over the past 5 years, beginning with our critique of the School Sector Reform Plan (SSRP), developing a world class teacher training programme, and developing schools rather than building them!
Everything we have written is now coming home to roost as firstly, UNESCO create new education development goals based on quality instead of access, and secondly Nepal’s Ministry of Education admit that SSRP was a failure and had the wrong focus.
Specifically since 2011 we created a superb team of educationalists in Kathmandu who developed and implemented an outstanding school development programme. This was delivered to almost 200 schools and 2000 teachers in Kathmandu Valley:
page-0Giving direction to this programme was the Quality Education Index (QEI), a tool developed to measure the necessary INPUTS to quality which could be applied pre and post programme implementation. Using educational constructs and Likert scales the Index measured any school on a scale of 0-100 based on students perceptions. This is a sound methodology and has been used around the world in differing education scenarios, but never in Nepal. Results across these schools showed an average quality increase of around 30% in the Index over 6 months, so for example if a school scored 60% pre development we would see an increase to 78% + post development. All achieved with limited resources, so imagine the effect if applied by the Ministry of Education!
During this work we also conducted an extensive research programme into Defining, Measuring, Developing Quality Education in Nepal which attempted to pull together many of the components into a cohesive approach. This included assessing previous global definitions of quality education, conducting hundreds of classroom observations, defining core essentials of quality, adapting the QEI, training teachers, developing school principals in leadership, and informing School Management Committees about governance. From this a clear framework of quality essentials in Nepal primary schools emerged and has now been written up and offered to the Ministry of Education as an aid to their creation of a new School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) with its focus on quality education. No reply yet though!!
We have reached a stage now where we are willing to release some of our intellectual capital to interested parties relating to the QEI, The Quality Framework, and our School Development Programmes. So if you would like to explore the possibility in receiving some of these please contact us fromhere and tell us something about yourself, what you would like to receive and how you would use it.

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